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BIFS is able to offer Surety and Performance Bonds to parties that feel they need them to move forward with their transactions.

Want to help a buyer be more likely to purchase? Surety Bonds.

If buyers know that if a transaction isn’t successful they will get their money back, you can imagine how much more likely they’ll be to move forward with a purchase. A surety bond “bonds” the transaction, essentially attaching a type of contract to it. This is the most effective way to ensure that a transaction isn’t fraudulent.

Brighton Insurance and Financial Associates are specialists at making both parties – buyers and sellers – feel as confident, comfortable and secure as possible inside a transaction.

Need to ensure that a project is completed? Performance Bonds.

You’ve either heard of projects being delayed and unfinished, or you’ve experienced it yourself. When a job finally reaches completion, you want it to meet your expectations. Performance bonds function to guarantee that a project is successfully completed to the desired expectations. These bonds protect the client party from the possibility of a contractor declaring bankruptcy during the project (before completion).

Just contact Brighton Insurance & Financial Services today by phone ((810) 229-1820) or via email, and we’ll help you define your expectations and resources for your project so that everything is completed while keeping your assets as protected as possible.

Our Charities

The people at Brighton Insurance & Financial Services consider themselves so very fortunate in life; they seek to pay that happiness and good fortune forward to the community and to efforts in which they believe. Below are a few of the efforts they put their full force behind. Join them in supporting these efforts. Join them in paying good fortune and happiness forward.

Our Companies

Brighton Insurance & Financial Services represents the following companies and urges you to click on their respective links to investigate for yourself how solid and high-quality they are. That is why we proudly carry them and offer their products to our clients.