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Off road vehicle insurance can save you lost time and money, whether your ATV is for pure fun or is an important tool in the day-to-day running of your business.

We are here to find the perfect coverage that addresses your specific needs and circumstances when it comes to your use of your off-road vehicle.

ATV Insurance:

No matter how you use your all terrain vehicle, quad or four wheeler, the machine is a big investment. Whether you’re having fun on it on the weekends, using it to hunt, using it on your farm – there are all types of possible risks posed to it, while it’s in your garage or on another property. Will you homeowner’s insurance cover it? What if you have an accident on or off your own property? If it’s stolen from your garage? If it’s totaled while parked and waiting to be loaded onto a trailer? How will you replace it?

We can help find the right policy for you that addresses these scenarios or others about which you’re concerned.

Have a dirt bike?

Whether you’re racing once a month or riding for excitement every chance you get, your off road motorcycle was an investment for you. For those that compete, many have to be registered and insured. If you are participating in an event that requires coverage or you just want to enjoy your investment more knowing it’s protected, we can find the right policy that suits your circumstances and your resources.

Side-by-side and Full size 4wd Insurance:

Some vehicles will never see pavement or proper roads. This unfortunately keeps some owners from investigating insurance for their investments, many of which are extremely high value. It costs you nothing to investigate the coverage and peace of a mind a well researched (by us) policy could provide you with when it comes to your buggy, quad, side by side, bike or other off road vehicle. Just contact Brighton Insurance & Financial Services today by phone ((810) 229-1820) or via email, and we’ll get started on your free off-road vehicle insurance policy quote right away.

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