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Though we are located in Michigan, we have expanded our services to offer Ohio car insurance as many of our clients have moved between the two states. We are dedicated to securing drivers the most dependable Ohio car insurance while making it as easy and understandable as humanly possible.

At Brighton Insurance & Financial Services, we are dedicated to presenting you with as many options as possible while making everything completely understandable. We are uniquely positioned to shop for insurance for you so we are very confident that we can provide you with a competitive Ohio car insurance quote online or over the phone. We understand that some people prefer to talk about policies face-to-face while others prefer to handle business from their laptop on their deck!

We are very proud to care very much about each client and whether their policy is sufficient in the event of an accident. We are masters at striking a comfortable balance for you – putting together affordable coverage that doesn’t cut too many corners leaving you unprotected. We are very serious about this. Our clients are our family, and we care very much that they are sufficiently protected.

Getting the best Ohio auto insurance is easy as long as you understand what types of insurance Ohio law dictates are necessary for owning and operating a car. To help you get the best prices, we have outlined some details that could positively or negatively affect your rate possibilities. No matter what, we will do everything we can to help you get the very best coverage at the very best rate. We have a multitude of companies from which to shop.

A Few Factors That Can Affect Your Choices and Pricing Options

If the prospect of shopping for auto insurance seems overwhelming, take a deep breath and keep this in mind: the price you pay in monthly installments is far less than what it would cost to cover the damages as a result of an accident. Insurance will prevent you from financial hardship in the long run, and letting us here at BIFS find the right provider will allow you to enjoy financial freedom whether or not an accident takes place.

Contact Brighton Insurance & Financial Services today by phone ((810) 229-1820) or via email, and we will respond to you quickly! Save yourself even more time by filling out the Ohio Auto Insurance online quote form!

Our Charities

The people at Brighton Insurance & Financial Services consider themselves so very fortunate in life; they seek to pay that happiness and good fortune forward to the community and to efforts in which they believe. Below are a few of the efforts they put their full force behind. Join them in supporting these efforts. Join them in paying good fortune and happiness forward.

Our Companies

Brighton Insurance & Financial Services represents the following companies and urges you to click on their respective links to investigate for yourself how solid and high-quality they are. That is why we proudly carry them and offer their products to our clients.