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Many people don’t know to ask about a Personal Umbrella Policy, even when they are perfect candidates for them. We can help take the mystery away and make sure this important coverage gets to individuals who need it.

What exactly is a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy?

A personal umbrella policy essentially protects you from liability issues that go beyond the liability limits of standard insurance policies, filling in holes and extending coverage. The standard policies that would become fortified could include homeowner’s insurance or car insurance, for example. The policy acts like an umbrella in that it picks up coverage where your liability coverage limits have been exceeded on an insurance line.

What does Umbrella Insurance typically cover?

Bodily injury and property damage to others forms the majority of liabilities covered by your current and standard insurance policies. A personal umbrella insurance policy can extend those limits (bodily injury and property damage to others) and also cover situations that are not listed under regular liability allowances. All policies are different, so a liability issue that is covered under one insurance line may not be covered under another line of insurance. Again, this is where umbrella insurance “fills in the holes.” It can either cover a liability issue that the standard policy line does not and/or extend the amount of liability coverage that is already allowed under your regular insurance policy.

Why might you consider purchasing umbrella insurance?

It can be hard to imagine a scenario in which you would need a policy like this one. Unfortunately, as insurers, we can give you so many examples of situations in which you’d need a policy like this one – sadly, from experience. There are as many examples as there are lawsuits filed against people who do not have sufficient coverage to deal with the lawsuits and resulting legal costs.

Although imagining the need for this coverage can be disturbing, umbrella insurance can be typically purchased at a low cost to you yet will provide enough coverage so that you never have to worry about liability costs again. Certainly it’s worth exploring with one of our agents who can give you a no-nonsense explanation and make you aware of your options.

We will be happy to review all the details of your liability coverage from all of your policies and make suggestions as to where a personal umbrella insurance policy might be able to fortify your coverage. Just contact Brighton Insurance & Financial Services today by phone ((810) 229-1820) or via email, and we’ll get started right away.

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