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Note:  We are in Brighton, Michigan, USA.
Hopefully our friends in Brighton, Massachusetts, USA and Brighton, England will understand that we're not able to help them as much as we'd like to be able to. :)

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Email address:
Preferred method of initial communication with our agency: Phone   Email
Phone number at which you can be reached:
If you have a copy of your current policy, please attach a copy here. Or you can fax it to us at 810-229-9029.
Complete address of property needing insurance:
Property County:
Property Township (if applicable):
Current Address :
Have you had a current homeowners or renters policy for the prior 3 years? YES   NO
Renewal Date on Current Home Policy (if applicable):
Have you had any homeowners/renters claims in the past 5 years? YES   NO
Purchase Price:
Date of Purchase :
If it’s a NEW purchase, what is the projected closing date? :
Year built:
Total Square Footage (not including finished basement):
Number of stories:
Garage*? : YES   NO
Number of stalls:
Exterior Walls Material: % Brick on Frame %   Solid Brick % Vinyl % Stone % Aluminum % Wood % Other: (please describe)
Basement? : YES   NO
Basement Construction:
Block Poured Concrete Brick
Is it a walkout?
Percent of finished area
OR Square footage of finished area
Foundation of House: Stone Block Poured concrete
Number of bathrooms:
Fireplace? : YES   NO

Wood-burning        OR  Gas
Free-standing wood-burning stove YES   NO

In house   In detached garage
Type of heat for house: gas-forced air propane electric hot water heat boiler
Central air?: YES   NO
Balcony/deck?: YES   NO

Number of sq ft.
Construction of balcony/deck: Wood Concrete Trex
Typle of roof?: Shingle Shake Metal
Year of construction of roof:
Central Monitored alarm system?: YES   NO
If Yes, Does it function as a burglar alarm?
If Yes, Does it functiona as a fire alarm?
Swimming pool?: YES   NO

In-ground Above-ground

If YES, Is it fenced with a locked gate? :
Yes No
Is there a pond on the premise?: YES   NO

If YES, Is it a swimming pond? :
Yes No
Dates of modernization (if applicable):
Describe types of modernization:
Dog(s) on the premises? : YES   NO
Bite history in the last three years:
Where do you carry your auto insurance?:
Are there any smokers in the home? (Non-smokers can sometimes qualify for discounts) YES   NO
Will or do you belong to a Homeowner’s Association? YES   NO
Are or will there be any businesses operated out of the home? YES   NO
Do you have any recreational vehicles or boats? YES   NO
GROUP DISCOUNTS that you may qualify for: Sam’s Club Membership AARP Membership Participating Alumni of a 4-year College Participating Credit Unions
Other  (Please feel free to list any other membership that you feel might qualify you for a discount here)

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